Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sonnet of Winter..........

The grapevine o’er the lintel
Has lost its russet glow
The pergola in the garden
Sits vacant, in the snow
The little child of summer
Sleeps soundly in its bed
Lulled by the moaning of the wind
Through stark trees overhead

The ship waits in the mooring
The sea, a frozen plain
No wave or warm wind luring
It from its port again
Across the field of daisies
A chilling sonnet blows
Where once the breeze was lazy
Now the shroud of winter glows

No tiny bud or blossom
To grace the barren limb
Upon earth’s frigid bosom
The light of day grows dim
Night draws its cobalt curtain
Before the day is through
In deeper shades it crowns the earth
Transforming white to blue

The dusty lanes of summer
The long, slow afternoon
Have fled to greener climates
Beneath a gentler moon
The sun-drenched haunt of August
A cold and silent shell
The world, a listless canvas
Where a sea of snowflakes fell


Yesterday I donned a pair of skis, left the beaten track,
Got lost in a world of white, silence and memories……
In one hour the sky turned from a colorless grey-blue
to coral,deep pink,purple, and then a solid rich navy blue.....

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