Thursday, December 2, 2010

Please Wait......

Please wait…..says the screen as my dial-up internet
Struggles to reach its destiny
Wait……. for what? I ask, a little impatiently
Wait while the day stretches its arms
Toward the evening sky……..
While the wind in vapid charms
Croons an early lullaby?
Wait, while hearts break as love
Succumbs to early graves
Or while we fight back
Lest we become victims or slaves………..

Please wait…..wait while little baby
Grows up and flies away
And little girl becomes a lady
While I whisper….oh, please wait
Wait, as the rose-bud blooms
Weeping withered petals at my feet
And I go searching for its perfume
On a dark and lonely street
Wait, while raven locks turn white
And wisdom crowns the brow
That is now so smooth and bright
In all her dazzling youthful glow
Wait, while she will tell me
How it’s done in the today
For somehow I grew old-fashioned
In all the ‘waits’ along the way

Please wait………while life divides its portions
Of joy, sorrow, victory and defeat
Please wait, the rise and falling of the ocean
Does not wane within the beat
That marks the silent ticks of time
Upon a turquoise swell
Nor writes how far we still must climb…..
Only One can tell
Please wait……while I live, laugh, love, weep
Hold on and let go
I have hands to hold and promises to keep
Oh, please wait until I’ve told you
That I love you so

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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