Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love at Christmas....

It sings in every snowflake
That tumbles from the sky
It hums across the sparkling earth
And laughs in children’s eyes
It bursts in festive flavors
And melts upon the tongue
Oh, this is love at Christmas time
Alive in old and young

The warm, sweet scent of ginger
Still lingers in the air
Excited little fingers
Place cherries on with care
As every little cookie
Is garnished with a ‘kiss’
Oh, this is love at Christmas time
No season quite like this

So put away the worried frown
Light up the Christmas trees
The snow is softly falling down
Like tender memories
Too soon this too shall pass away
Oh, hold your loved ones near
For this is love at Christmas time
The best time of the year


Second snow-day……cancellations etc.
It was time to concentrate on the
Tasty side of Christmas……..
Victoria and I made shortbread:) m-m-m-m
It'll take some extra crunches tonight;)

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