Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year....

As we stand and look back today
Tell me; what do you see?
As the old year slips away
Into eternity
As echoes roll across our minds
And faces blur its screen
As this year now is left behind
In pastures ever-green
As we review with smiles and tears
Our moments one by one
And contemplate how quick the years
Seem to be here and gone
Is it with joy or sad regret
We bid this year farewell
One to remember or forget…
Come midnight’s silent knell
Who will we hold close to us?
Who will we keenly miss?
As we celebrate tonight
Will we remember this?
The One who holds in His control
Each breath and passing hour
Remains unchanged; He loves us still
And keeps us by His power…………


Happy New Year and
May God be with you
And richly bless you in 2011~

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