Tuesday, December 21, 2010

For Better or Worse....

They vanish…..
Without a flicker or trace
They put stars in our eyes
And tears on our face
Invisible fingers….
Molding and shaping
Healing or tearing
Leaving wounds
Hidden, gaping
Their presence lingers…..
Building up, tearing down
The source of our laughter
The hurt in our frown
As countless as sands
On a forsaken shore
Mightier than hands
They whisper, they pour
They are the echo
That breathes in the air
Both foul and wise
They are cruel or a prayer
But to touch them
Is like reaching for the wind
A moment to speak them
Forever entwined
In the fabric of us
A blessing, a curse
They are words
Simply words
For better or worse

Janet Martin~

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