Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And So It Goes....

Without a sound or parting glance
It slips beyond our grasp
No farewell kiss or long slow dance
No lingering handclasp
No ‘see you on another day’
No whispered sentiment
Quietly it slips away
Its final heartbeat spent

And all that we are left to hold
Within our feeble grip
Are countless memories untold
Before they too shall slip
An echo from the distant hill
A sigh upon the breeze
A murmur when the night is still
Of moments such as these

A picture printed in our mind
Or stored within our heart
Mere moments painting grand designs
And priceless works of art
God, teach us how to treasure, then
Each moment that we hold
And love life without measuring
For soon we shall be old

A little folding of the hands
A little bit of love
Before we leave these troubled sands
For higher courts above
A little smile upon the lip
A little bitty tear
And so it goes, as moments slip
Into another year……..


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