Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Almost Tomorrow....

She sat there yesterday
beside the open trunk...
Should she look in
or walk away?
Was it equivalent to…..junk?
In spite of her hesitation
she drew a piece out,
gazed at it lovingly
held it to her heart and set it aside....
this she did
again and again
sometimes she laughed
sometimes she cried
and sometimes.....
she died....a little,
the sun fell behind the trees.
the moon rose
it was daylight again
as it fell on the snow
the wind moaned
in comfort-less song
carefully she returned
each memory
back to where it belonged
those were special times........
but they are gone
she locks the trunk
the dawn is gray......
in the end....
the past is as tangible
as the wind.....
she walks away.........
life happens today
it is almost tomorrow


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