Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Of Highs and Lows (that life bestows) or Faith's Footpath

So much to rejoice in 
and so much to mourn
This is the battle to
which we are born
But He who made us 
fits us for the fight
Because faith's footpath
Is not walked by sight!

Wishing you a precious sense of His Presence
in the highs and lows that life bestows

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, 
so the LORD surrounds His people, 
both now and forevermore.

Someday the highs and lows that life bestows will turn to mist
The all-consuming here and now will no longer exist
Someday all will reply to a call, none knows when will be
When, in the twinkling of an eye man meets eternity
As final breath eclipses mortal groaning and applause
As moment-let ellipses 
meld into 
A Life That Was

Meanwhile, this day the Lord has made beckons us to rejoice
In mercy’s evidence portrayed where morning lifts its voice
And lays beneath faith’s stumbling steps and agonies of dust
Sufficient grace to help mortal ineptness to entrust
Today’s unknowns to He who knows, who attends and sustains
Through highs and lows 
that life bestows 
as long as time remains

The beauty of the earth is scarred by consequence of sin
The best of man is marred by Adamic natures within
The heart, des’prately wicked, (yet not without hope!!), through He
Who left his throne to pay the debt that sets doomed sinners free
As true repentance and belief receive salvation’s gift
Life's highs and lows 
of joy and grief, 
faith’s footpath through Time’s rift

Someday yon hills will spill with rose gardens that never fade
No ill will mar the thrill of endless day the Lord has made
Someday ‘the way things are’ will cease, in pastures ever-green
We will behold love’s masterpiece with no dark glass between
As we pass through a curtain-close thought cannot comprehend
Someday, when highs and lows 
that life bestows 
come to an end

© Janet Martin

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