Saturday, October 1, 2022

Of Original, Age-old Hymns (or Bloom of Hymns)

Happy, Happy October!

Today's hymns have never been heard before
in this new day the Lord has made,
and yet, they are as old as Time!
Come, let us adore Him
Let's rejoice and be glad!
For soon the hymn that spills the hour
will fade like petals from the flower
Oh, what a pity if we miss
The bloom of hymns that Today Is!

We celebrated the last supper of September 2022
with quickly dwindling garden-fare
Fresh garden-slaw with stuffed red peppers!

Then, though this was all I could see of the spectacular sunset
it was enough.
 September's Last Love Song...

This is the (first October 2022) day the Lord has made
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

The earth is like a fount that brims
With woodland, field and garden hymns
The Author of its melodies
Instills His praise in hills and trees/ (and skies and seas)
In notes that dazzle through the dell
Where, not by chance, Darling Brook fell
To draw us from the pressing gait
Of hurried traffic, always late
To theaters with grassy banks
Where we may pause in humbled thanks
To He who does not cease to write
Masterpieces of sheer delight
Woven through thorns that hold the rose
To soothe the wounds that thorn bestows
And heal the hunger of the heart
With songs that nature’s throngs impart
Until we too lift our voice
Reminded simply to rejoice
In this, ‘the day the Lord has made’
The glory of His love displayed
As mercy fills the fount that brims
With original, age-old hymns

© Janet Martin

I wanted to meander home from a few errands yesterday
until aghast, I glanced in the rear-view mirror to see a line of traffic piled up behind me...
The hill and curve thoroughfare, woven enchantingly through first-autumn vistas, 
made it impossible to pass😅😜
Oops! I was both apologetic and vexed!
I guess that's what back roads are for 

but then we end up with a dirty vehicle
and vexed Hubby!

Reminds me of last weekend when Father asked Daughter how
she could get such a dirty car when all the roads from point A to Be are paved!!
'Well,', confessed Daughter, 'I took a different way,
 Because the sideroad looked so pretty!'

Her father chided. Vexed!
Her mother beamed with pride
(For) what are a few mud-flecks compared
To dirt-road countryside! 💓😍😅

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