Wednesday, August 10, 2022

For Your Name's Sake...

Unlike Queen Esther's husband, the Persian King Ahasuerus (Xerxes I), 
who, if any came into his inner court without being summoned, 
 The Kings of kings beckons all to 'come' 
because He came to break death's curse and bring us life 
and more abundantly!
His blood-wrought/bought scepter is stretched out to one and all!

What a high call and glorious purpose
is our freedom from slaves to sin/Satan, to servants of Christ!


For Your Name’s sake, help us take up our cross and follow You
And make love’s price of sacrifice an honor, meek and true
Kindle in us, Lord Jesus, faith’s vision, profound and keen
Of ‘substance of things hoped for, evidence of things unseen’

For Your Name’s Sake, Lord Jesus, wake in us the awesome sense
Of beckoning and reckoning; of Choice and Recompense
….and immense Aftermath; of grace or wrath’s eternal sum
(With blood-wrought streams, love’s scepter gleams and beckons all to ‘come’)

For Thy Name’s sake, Lord Jesus, make us more and more like Thee
Not vain, loud, proud, crowd-pleasers but full of humility
Thy pain and loss upon death’s cross our gain; You bore our shame
Forbid we boast save in love’s uttermost; Salvation’s Name

For Your Name’s Sake Lord Jesus, break the will that still resists
Open our eyes to want The Prize that some deny exists
Unclench the fist that clings to mist; with holy hunger wake
The sacred call to give our all for Your precious Name’s sake

© Janet Martin

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