Saturday, July 2, 2022

It Is July

 Happy, happy July!

Our first day of July was a perfect blend of busyness and beauty...

(I have been asked more than once if, for all the pictures I take
'don't I want to invest in a nicer, bigger camera?'
Part of me would like to but I need something that fits into a pocket
so work and captured moments like yesterday's, won't conflict😅💗)

oops! spills will happen!

It is July
The month of sapphire sky and flaxen wheat
A pleasant place to slow the pace of labor and bare feet
The garden grins as it begins to burst with bounty where
Not long ago a world of snow and dreams teased our stare

It is July
The month when lazy breezes loll and sigh
And lure us 'neath the lofty wreath of leafy lullaby
Sweet summer days, thy love song plays in every flower bell
As thankfulness and happiness in perfect kinship dwell/swell

It is July
Time’s ode to butterfly and hummingbird
The heady woo as scent of dust and dew thrill senses stirred
Where sprinklers lilt with sparkles spilt and lobbed against the sky
Where children run and everyone is younger in July

It is July
Work and play vie for front and center stage
So much to touch and taste before time’s tried haste turns the page
No joy is common in July; each heat-sweet summons, pure
Each day a gift soon set adrift where morning casts its lure

It is July
Shadow quilts lie in wait for picnics, books
Impetuous hiatuses from duty’s rigid looks
Ah, we are summer glad. So glad. Sun sizzles in the sky
Zinnia buds pop. Fat rain drops plop. We laugh. It is July

© Janet Martin

...and a picture perfect wedding day!
(happening this afternoon!)
The 'little girl next door' is no more!
Today she is a beautiful bride!

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