Sunday, July 3, 2022

Believer's Mandate

Sunday sermons aren't just for Sundays, are they?!!
Love is so much easier said than done, isn't it?!
Just a few thoughts after attending a beautiful wedding yesterday
and listening to a few inspired messages this morning!

This poem, by inserting the words 'ought to' between the words
 'we' and 'live'
may make it more relevant😅🙏

Love is a lifetime commitment on so many levels
in so many ways, to so many people
and above all to/through He who IS love

We live, not just to earn our daily bread and meat to eat
We live to learn better how to wash one another’s feet
We live to give because of what we have freely received
God’s gift of grace from the first moment we truly believed

We live to love God first then fellowman; all else is sin
We live to prove the righteousness and love of God within
We live to mirror Christ’s example of humility
Where pray, nothing is dearer than the truth that sets us free

We live to serve, not to be served, stirred by meek reverence
For He who loved us first and died for death’s deliverance
Then pray when temptation torments and cunning ploys compete
That love’s willing obedience will make our joy complete

For God so loved the world He gave His Son to pay sin’s debt
Once, and for all He overthrew the grave and conquered death
God is not mocked; if we confessed our sin and have believed
We ought to live to give because we have freely received

© Janet Martin

Due to laryngitis and a cough I decided it would be better
to worship from home this Sunday morning,

Links to a few sermons which
  partly inspired this poem!

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