Wednesday, February 17, 2021

What A Love!


Today, for some Christians, Lent begins.
This meditation is a reflection
to remind us we give
we have been given!

How does one select only one,
from a vast collection of amazing renditions of this song; 

Redemption, what a word 
Released from a debt we incurred 
Forgiveness signed by blood of He 
Who authored sky and sod and sea 
And died upon a cross for us 
Redeemed from sin by Him, Jesus 

Salvation, what a gift 
Divine atonement spans the rift 
That began when Adam and Eve 
Were ripe and ready to deceive 
When doubting God, they ate the fruit 
That He forbade, and sin took root 

Grace, mercy’s uttermost 
Saved, not by works lest any boast 
But for man’s universal Fall 
He sealed our pardon once for all 
And will our every sin forgive 
To all who repent, look, and live 

Hope, what a glorious goal
Awaits faith's death-victorious soul
No one can add or take away
What Christ accomplished on that day
When from death to life He arose
Triumphant over Eden's woes

Jehovah, what a God 
Demons tremble and saints applaud 
He who is coming back again 
But not even angels know when 
We will behold heavens ablaze 
With Son of Man, Ancient of Days 

© Janet Martin 

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