Tuesday, July 14, 2020

To Incognito Athletes...

 My cousin Wayne, (mentioned here) 46 years old and bed/chair ridden 
because of MS and the loss of part of a leg in a farm accident,
 is one of the most valiant 'athletes'
I have ever met!

Also, another one of my faithful readers
is suffering immensely because of a fall 6 weeks ago and now some added complications!
She was admitted to the hospital last night and is feel physically and emotionally at her limit!
Will you pray for Jan R., for healing, strength and encouragement?

Will you pray that they (and we) may be faithful
in the fight to the finish! 
Because no one can predict who will cross the finish line first!!!

Philippians 3:14
I press on toward the goal to win the prize 
of God's heavenly calling in Christ Jesus.

Failure and success are like competitors in a race
And it is hard to tell sometimes which side the favor lies
We tend to measure success by position or by pace
But the One at the finish line sees beneath its disguise

I’ve seen a shadow of a man put ‘better men’ to shame
Humility is something that collects no accolades
But rather gives full credit to a Greater Worthy Name
Knowing our time on earth is like a bloom that quickly fades

I’ve watched one bedridden yet beating ‘great athletes’ by smiles
Surrender is a hard fought thing until we fully yield
And it is not always the one who boasts the most in miles
But he who knows that soon the inner man will be revealed
Failure and success are not always what they may appear
The road we see runs through a veil that ends the wend of Time
Beyond the slope where hope vies with the sigh of now and here
To the Reward after the race and its arduous climb

Not all who run will win a Prize; then pray and pray and pray
Lest we become distracted by the way faith’s rivals run
And test the spirit lest by decoys we are drawn away
And miss the most beautiful prize of these two words ‘well done’

© Janet Martin

...and then today's devotion fit right in to the topic!! 

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