Thursday, July 16, 2020

Summer To-do List (lest we miss it!)

Drink in the songs of summer
The sigh of where zephyr blows
The teal cajole of waves that roll
From skylines to our toes

Ah, feast your eyes on flowers
A colourful buffet
That spills its art from earth to heart
In a most perfect way

Linger longer in gardens
Be florally content
For soon Time’s way will have its say
In blooms withered and spent

Harvest a host of echoes
To tenderly retrace
After gold-green has lost its sheen
And silver takes its place

Pour second cups of laughter
Beneath leaf-canopy
Let happiness dissolve our stress
For what must be will be 

Bask in beauty with boldness
And humble gratitude
That God so lent a season bent
With Mother Nature's brood

Absorb gorgeous sun-sparkles
Before it is too late
Get close enough to catch the Love
Climbing trellis and gate

...and feel life's friendly welcome
Greet us like next of kin
Where flowers nod and we sense God
Walking somewhere therein

© Janet Martin  

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