Monday, July 13, 2020

Ode to July

 Canadian July leaves little to complain about 
except maybe sometimes it's too quick!

Mist-mellow ambience, yellow and blue
Aura of romance amidst much to do
Ditch-garden-meadow a billow of bloom
Sun-shadow willow-harps serenade noon
Something ‘bout July evokes surf-like roars
Rushing, receding across heart-cupped shores

Sense of sabbatical sweetens tick-tock
Lavishes looking with pink hollyhock
Tunes untamed tempos with flower-full fronds
Tickles the wheat field from sea-green to bronze
Something ‘bout July rouses with each morn
Joy for life’s roses in spite of the thorn

See how the countryside spills grand tableaus
See how the Artist awes us with His prose
See, nature’s nuances never grow old
Sparking and soothing the sigh of the soul
Something ‘bout July feels like heaven’s poem
Something ‘bout July feels like coming home

Hello, Queen Ann, your lace-looms whir on queue
Chicory-fringe, we’ve come to expect you
Hello, white chamomile, how do you grow
Heaped along roadsides like summery snow
Something ‘bout July makes gladness complete
Clap of the screen door and slap of bare feet

Sunflowers flower before the bud breaks
Bachelor buttons spill little blue lakes
Salvia-fountain is ready to burst
Hummingbird hovers to quench nectar thirst
Something ‘bout July bids us to behold
That which is filling morrow’s echo-mold

Loveliness leaps like a hymn from earth’s heart
Happiness laughs; what is man to bear part
Of such a melody Mercy composed
Glimpses of Gloryland still unexposed
Something ‘bout July beckons yet fulfills
Making each day a succession of thrills

© Janet Martin

To blog-readers only.
I don't share all my poetry on Facebook but I did link this one to FB
with this remark.
 Why?!!why-why-why?!!! asks my better half when he asked what I'm writing about...
and I'm not sure what to say other than because it just has to be...


  1. Ha, ha, I agree with your husband, why, why, why? But I guess, when it's in you, it has to come out. You're an amazing poet. Praise God for such talent.

    1. haha!! you, Jim and everyone else has the right to ask WHY?!! so do I sometimes and then in the same breath can't wait to see what the next one will be;-0 thank-you Richard, for your kind and encouraging words.! to God be the honor and glory always!!

  2. So enjoyed your ode to Canadian July. Yes, they are often too quick. But you have captured the essence in such lovely photos and poetry here. We now have remembrances of these sweet days even when they are long gone.

    The Great Poet has given you some of his poetry DNA, that is why you cannot help yourself. Oh, keep on writing and letting those poems find the light of day -- they make this world a more beautiful and sane place.

    Brenda xox

    1. Dear Brenda,
      you done gone and choked me up with you kind words! I gotta get a kleenex!!

      and hugs!


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