Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Changeless As Ever, Forever

 The previous post talked about the constancy of change.
Juxtaposed to Change is the Constancy of what/Who cannot change...

The sky this morning was GORGEOUS, but something that never seems to change is
my habit of setting sunglasses and camera anywhere, 
so therefore it seems I spend half my summer hunting for one or the other.
I didn't get a picture of the dawn-sky (or last night's stunner of a sunset)
 but found my camera in the pantry a bit ago while making lunches.
I think I set it there after dashing out to
take these shots yesterday while making supper...

...another thing that doesn't change is the pile of work that won't wait,
waiting after a week away!
 But SO satisfying afterwards!

Changeless above all is the Word that IS God...

As changing as the surface of the sea
That ebbs and surges, is the toll of time
Colour and texture shift; humanity
As it adapts to each precarious clime
Is apt to drift on swells of idle talk
If not secured upon the Solid Rock

Ah, changeless as the ticking of the clock
This life is lashed by season’s shifting tides
Where clash of wills and warped logic may balk
Unshakeable, the Word of God abides
Then cling with faith, not sight, lest quest for proof
Cast dark shadows of doubt on timeless Truth

Beneath, above, beyond thought’s leaky roof
Unchanging is the One Time cannot thwart
Authority and love works for our good
While prophecy unfolds foretold report
While pleasure-pirates loot but cannot find
Enough of stuff to satisfy the mind

Unchanging is the plight of humankind
…we are all creatures full of utter need
Dependent on a pattern God designed
For we rebel, just like Adam and Eve
And we would all be sailors lost at sea
Without the Rock, secured at Calvary

This Rock is Jesus; He who sets us free
Anchors the Soul, lest dreadfully we drift
Toward the shoreline of eternity
Each breath we take diminishes the rift
Where change estranges much with shifting tides
But still the love and Word of One abides

We cannot overthrow what God decides
Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End
Will soon unveil the proof the Fool derides
And faith alone is called on to defend
Nearer and nearer draws the Awesome Hour
When Christ will reappear in glorious pow’r

© Janet Martin

the hymn below is especially meaningful in times like these!!

 Here is a sky-shot from two evenings ago!


  1. Wonderful. I like the image of the "pleasure-pirates"! Beautiful photos, keep them coming, don't misplace that camera! :)

    1. thank-you<3 oh!! the time I spend looking for that camera and I usually find it when I'm NOT looking for it. lol.


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