Sunday, May 31, 2020

Peering Through the Key Hole

Writing is such an adventure at times as fingers try to follow the Whisper within.
I woke with the last two lines in the first stanza in my mouth. 
It repeated itself over and over till I got up and set it free💓

There is no end to Beauty this time of year!
 Nature does its thing in spite of the chaos man creates...

Bless the Lord oh, my soul.
O, Lord my God, Thou are very great.
thou art clothed in honour and majesty!
Psalm 104:1

The Majesty of morning metes the dawn
Mercy extends man’s means to carry on
To fan the flame that keeps faith undeterred
And live a life according to His Word

The Giver of each good and perfect gift
Will not forsake or set the soul adrift
But ever keeps a watchful gaze unfurled
O’er we who bear the trouble of this world

Earth’s beauty is like a hole for a key
Where we peer through to glimpse God’s majesty
Our duty is to obey Him without whys
Even when logic suggests otherwise

He witnesses the sacrifice we make
For no other reason but for His sake
When, as we heed the Voice that He instilled
God sees His righteousness in us fulfilled

Do not despair when evil-doers flaunt
The depth of man’s depravity and Want
But pray for them before it is too late
And the Key fits the hole that opes the Gate

© Janet Martin

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