Friday, November 15, 2019

Sacred Gift

What was for Thursday-what's-for-supper?
Something I put in the crock-pot much earlier today because it was going to be a lively one!

 This stew is a meal on its own but bread and cheese is a nice side...
In the oven it's a four/five-hour stew but in the crock-pot it's an all-day stew.
Since the beef was pre-cooked I put it in the crock-pot at noon.
Also, because I have my own canned tomato juice
 I used it instead of the V-8 juice.(to be economical)
Not the same but still perfectly fine.
I also skipped the tapioca and sugar to keep it simple.

I love this yellow bean salad with all things beef!
This is how I preserve half of the yellow bean crop.
(I hope you can read it. I needed to retrace the faded ink of this recipe
 I brought from home 31 years ago)
Dressing for this bean salad;
A scoop of mayo
a squirt of Dijon mustard
1 tbsp. each of brown sugar and vinegar
2 tbsp light cream or milk
whisk dressing then pour over beans, chopped white or red onion and hard-boiled eggs...
(adjust amounts to bean ratio)
top with freshly ground pepper

it's such a friendly little word
a tender pick-me-upper
a warming, welcome-homeward tug
a hug. 
We call it supper

As we sit  'round to share a meal
Let's thank God for each other 
and never over look the gift
of gathering 
for supper 

Janet Martin

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