Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Opening Scene to What Has Not Yet Been Before

PAD Challenge day 6: For today’s prompt, write an opening poem.

Dawn yawns and stretches, draws the sun from edges brushed with pink
The trees long flushed with gold stand stark and dark against yon brink
Time’s seasons flare and fade like floats in nature’s grand parade
While we try to make sense of its intense, immense crusade

Where some of us are bystanders and some march left-foot-right
Some lounge, cool as can be and some are wound up way too tight
While the bronze gong is drawn up, up away from eastward verge
As we are swept into a resolute, momentous surge

…that always pulls us to the place where we are facing west
To watch the sun slip past skyscrapers, trees, beneath earth’s crest
And where we stood to watch dawn yawn and fling ajar its door
We peer into the darkness of a day that is no more

...where some take note of progress, some notice nothing too much
Some feel hope like a warm handshake, others want for its touch
Some stand tall as a stallion, others fall beneath the strain
Waiting for dawn to yawn and stretch and do it all again

© Janet Martin

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