Thursday, November 21, 2019

A Rhyme For Time's Fellow-travelers

PAD Challenge day 21:For today’s prompt, write a travel poem...


We’ve come so far together, by time’s common tether bound
The shift of days to years endears us to its trampled dust
While well-known yet uncharted territory breaks new ground  
As on yon brink dawn yawns, bright pink and unveils frames of trust

Evidence of fresh favor fills a tray that brims with grace
Daybreak is like a scepter stretched across a waking world
Where pilgrims of love’s providence cannot one mile retrace
Where we are all trailblazers on dawn’s virgin breadth unfurled

How well we should have learned by now the way we ought to go
But somehow human nature is a stubborn mule to train
And bent on taking wrong turns, blazing through Caution-taped ‘no’
Till oh, the reason for its warning becomes very plain

I’m glad, aren’t you, that we never travel the same day twice
But always we embark upon the verge of bygone years
To leave within its wake testaments of virtue and vice
While molding crowns of wisdom with the spoil of smiles and tears

…as seasons surge and merge, its color-wheel is like a loom
That weaves time’s fallen leaves; how swift its subtle shuttle flies
The momentum of moments metes the mortar for the tomb
As the tempo of tick and tock composes lullabies

Some say that time is nothing but dust on a wayward wind
Some think that life's highway leads to, not through the silent grave
Some do not want to think about what soon is left behind
Or that which stems time's tide like the shoreline annuls the wave

Time brings us all together, voyageurs of day to day
To weathered high and lows in this who-knows-what-waits- sojourn
Where hope-and-dream’s horizon line is always far away
But here and now runs rife with life’s momentous no-return

© Janet Martin

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