Thursday, November 21, 2019

November's Signature

Yesterday we were treated to what I call November's signature prints...
Two contrasting ribbons melded, of gray and gold.
I was concerned when the snow came early and stayed,
that we might miss this bit of brooding beauty!

(yesterday's temps at last were mild enough to make melodious melting-snow music!)
"What's that sound? " asked little girl yesterday as we played outside.
"That, my dear, is the best sound in the world!" I replied
as I showed her where the water was running from the down-spout.
"That is the sound of melting snow!"

The sharp contrasts of bronze and brooding blue
Are signature prints of November’s art
Spellbound am I by earth and heaven’s hue
As landscapes, leaf-bereft still thrill the heart

Precious intermission, as rain and snow
Duel in unrelenting tug-of-cloud
Before autumn surrenders and lets go
And Old Man Winter gloats, star-stoked and proud

But now let November bid us farewell
In panoramas steeped in rum-hued sweeps
Let us first feel, like a slow-pealing bell
Wild longing in the wind that moans and weeps

…and let us stand stock still, drawn by an ache
Akin to motherhood as child is weaned
And starts to stretch the ties that cannot break
While what must be keeps soulful senses keened

November is like autumn-song’s postlude
A sax solo played by the barren tree
Or penetrating hymn of gratitude
That wafts across the field and out to sea

© Janet Martin

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