Thursday, November 9, 2017

I Would Be Careful If I Was You

PAD Challenge day 9: For today’s prompt, take the phrase “(blank) If (blank),” replace the blanks with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible titles include: “Run If You’re Being Chased,” “Animals Are Cute If They’re Not Mine,” “I Am Ready To Eat If There’s Food Around,” and “Poem If You Need To.”

May we treat each day and each other as we treat those most precious to us...
(like 10 mo. old grandbabies:)

I would be careful if I was you
and you should be careful if you was me
Because we are always caught between
What was and what still waits to be

...and what still waits to be who knows?
Then we should both be careful; why?
Because we never know when love
Or life insists upon  'good-bye'


So much happens every day to remind us of how ephemeral 'This' is!

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