Thursday, November 30, 2017

Back In The Day...

write a “back in the day” poem. 
You might also call this a “good old days” poem or a “bad old days” poem.

This song rings with scenes from my 'back in the day':)

Through haze of days and willow-treed whisper
Silence plays childhood’s sentimental tune
Eighth notes kerplop, hands grab for the glister
Of apple-shaped gold on a hot afternoon

Summer-kissed darlings all arms, legs and whim
Dash where the hour entwines starry sighs
Drawing with nothing but bud to leaf limb
Dream-blind beginners from youth’s paradise

Mother calls ‘supper’ and we have each other
And don’t even know about loneliness
Five sons, five daughters, father and mother
A ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ happiness

Want, like a match kindles eyes full of fire
Bellies burn but food cannot satisfy
Life, like a ladder lures each to climb higher
One by one, leaving extra pieces of pie

…and a wide wake of July mornings sparkling
Like glossy cherries on time’s farthest branch
Innocence strewn to the dust in a garden
Planted with echoes where once bare feet danced

© Janet Martin


  1. What a lovely childhood poem, Janet. I can feel the wonder and sparkle. Cheaper by the dozen, wow, that's a big family. You would always have someone to play with.

    1. thank-you for you kind words, Brenda:) yes, there was always lots of playmates, helpers, and someone to have a good old fashioned spat with! We were blessed with amazing parents.

    2. p.s. and today the blessing of siblings who have become friends. My brother had a work accident this summer and in hard times esp. a big family is a gift!


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