Friday, November 24, 2017

Awakened To The Wholiness/Holiness Of This

For today’s prompt, write a “how I’ll be remembered” poem. 
It’s an interesting question: How will I be remembered?

I'm not sure how I'll be remembered but
the girl in this first photo told me today, as she happily squished apples into apple-sauce
 that I'm one of the nicest old ladies she knows!;-/ ...;-))

It takes focus some days to keep all the 'I want to help'-ers busy without
too much 'that's not fair!!'

Some day when years have met with years that yet still lie in store
I wonder what, when you look back, I’ll be remembered for
When sand that spills in ether ilk, spins from Time’s silken spawn
A thoroughfare of echoed yester-worlds to look upon
I wonder when the dust has settled where ‘we’ used to be
Then, if I cross your mind at all, what will you think of me

How swift a moment fills the hour-day-week-months and years
And I forget the pages of a ‘book’ that disappears
How, in life’s give and take I make a sort of legacy
As touch and taste, often in haste, turns into memory
Then, oh, I am awakened to the holiness of this;
The way I laugh-talk-listen-work-play-hold-hug-pray-love-kiss

It makes me think that there is no such thing as commonplace
How smile we smile or frown we frown shapes more than skin of face
It makes me think that every day is like a gift somehow
To cherish ever dearly who is near me here and now
For who knows just how near or far until we leave behind
All but the picture shows that play on fathoms of the mind

© Janet Martin

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