Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pondering the Inevitable...

It must be so, the fall of fall
Succumbs to winter’s silver shawl
We brace ourselves for winnowing
Of zephyr-song, but then, comes spring

No winter yet, has not succumbed
To pirouettes of zephyr-song
Caught in the tempo of sun’s ray
The will of winter melts away

The summer-heart, though it may mourn
The fading art of autumn shorn
Knows winter is the wailing wing
That ever without fail, brings spring

And so, life’s must-be-so’s’ oft are
The path leading to gates ajar
Leading, not back to what has been
But ever onward to spring-green

A winter gale cannot deter
The winsome will of gossamer 
...of zephyr-song and buds that wait
To spill in spring beyond its gate

 © Janet Martin 

PAD Challenge day 30:  For today’s prompt, write an inevitable poem.

 A spoke to the farmer of this field today...he's hoping it will be harvested this week! There are many farmers hoping the snow will hold off for a while yet!


  1. Beautiful words, woven so beautifully, Janet.
    We haven't had winter yet, but I confess I wish we could skip it or just linger in autumn - I don't like the cold. On the other hand, sitting by the fire sounds nice, and Christmas is coming :-)

  2. Every year I think I dislike the cold a little more, but there is something truly blissful about a crackling fire and a good book! Right now I'm reading the story of Bonhoeffer. WOW!

    Winter is ebbing and flowing. We were totally white again then last night and a lot of today it rained, melting the snow.

    ....and it is nice to have a white Christmas....but here's to lingering in autumn. Cheers!


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