Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Super-heroes... Two-for-two Tuesday

This song we sisters would sing while doing dishes:) Our parents were/are heroes to us, teaching us that no matter who or where we are we are called to do our best not merely for man, but God.

PAD challenge two-for-two Tuesday; day 4
  1. Write a super hero poem.
  2. Write a super heroine poem.
To he who goes to work; his goal,
to do the best he can
and not life's menial duty shirk, oh
He is super-man

To she who does not seek applause
but gives, in every chore
her utter-best simply because
of what she's thankful for

To everyday women and men
Super-heroes by far
because they give the best they can
exactly where they are

Janet Martin~

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