Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bravo, Wee Poem

Though you are there and I am here
How oft we share a common tear
And hear the kindred melody
Of life and love through poetry

The tendril borne of pen-requiem
Persuades the hungry heart to dream
Or dare to try once more to dance
As dawn unveils its new-born chance

Ahoy, keen expectation’s yen
The joy of ink sighs in a pen
Where thought must brave hope’s brutal sea
As tempests break in poetry

Do not be shy, oh little word
By thee the human heart is stirred
To reach beyond plebeian plains
Or struggle free from common chains

…to be the best that we can be
As strains of pen and poetry
Embellish time’s perplexing sod
And touch, it seems, the throne of God

© Janet Martin

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