Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Once Upon a June

 A surge of warmer air made last Tuesday's white disappear. With the wild wind howling since yesterday morning, the temps have once again plummeted. I was out just now trying to 'help' the wind scatter 'the petals strung on once upon a June'. The leaf pile got buried in snow so I'm hoping nature's big broom will sweep it away before spring;)

PAD Challenge day 22:For today’s prompt, write an alone poem.

The cup of summer spilled over
To autumn's howling broom
Where fields once dizzy with clover
Are swept of blushing bloom
Now every woods, a ghost-town
Moans where the wind runs wild
Like she who dashes half-madly
In search of yester's child

November, you are a loner
For none your case will plead
Or beg you to tarry longer
...we bolt our doors instead
While you torment the window
With tears you cannot quell
Your only friend the shadow
Stark-cold, and skeletal

Ah, once upon a June rose-bold
Your predecessor lay
While we sprawled gladly by, cajoled
By beauty's long-lashed day
...and whispered pretty phrases there
and scrawled our touch soft, slow
Through laughing breezes ere the air
Grew somber with your snow

November, you are a loner
The flower and the bee
Cannot remain to suffer long
Your assigned agony
And we, like all the posies
Blush to admit the truth
But we prefer the roses, you
Are simply too uncouth

We try to brave the gale you flail
And find the good in you
While you slap our faces pale
And vex us with your hue
Of blue-gray low-flung heavens hung
Upon the afternoon
You scatter all the petals strung
On, once upon a June



  1. There are some really nice lines and images in this one. I am bookmarking it to read again.

  2. I had so much fun writing this:) thank-you for your kind words.


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