Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Extra-ordinary Day

At a glance it’s nothing special
Just an ordinary day
Creeping up against the shadows
In an ordinary way
But if you observe it closely
You can see the Giver’s face
In this extra-ordinary gift
Another day of grace


This Saturday looked very ordinary at first glance…
Baking, work outside, finish up laundry, throw in the wood,
Do groceries…sigh. I looked a little closer. It’s not raining,
The sun has transformed the lawn into a golden platter
On which God is handing me an extra-ordinary gift, a day of grace!


  1. Thank-you Ella. I felt a little drained as I looked at the busy day ahead...until I focused up instead of out.

  2. So many days feel ordinary, until we truly look around and appreciate God's patchwork quilt of gifts :)

    Would you mind if I incorporated this poem in to a post? Pretty please?? ;)

    I have no further to look than your poetry for inspiration ~ may you have an extra-ordinary day filled with God's grace!

  3. Of course you may use it:) I need to remind myself this is an extra-ordinary day, NOT just an extra-ordinarily crazy day. My sister-in-law called a little while to see if I could watch their 4 kids for a few hours. They have a supper engagement;) Okay...I think I'll pick up some frozen pizzas for supper:)) I had 20 min. to get my son to his basket-ball takes 20 min. to get there. I told him to get in the truck...oops Jim took the truck to my brother's down the road to borrow his tractor to put manure on the 19 year old Daughter is right now running, (literally) to get the truck. The van is at our 17 yr. old daughter's work:)) Yes, it's a beautiful day! Deep breath and a prayer for patience and grace.
    Get apology ready for Matt's coach

    See ya'.

  4. Thanks Janet :) I thought you probably wouldn't mind, but it occurred to me I should still ask ~ for courtesy's sake ;)

    It would be challenging ~ to say the least ~ to keep your patience, peace, and joy in moments such as you've had today!! Thank God for his grace :) I'm sorry I didn't read this sooner ... sending prayers your way now!!

  5. Thank-you Megan, There is never a 'wrong time' for a prayer...


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