Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rocking Chairs

Someday, oh my darling,
Should our rocking-chairs point west
And instead of looking forward
We look back upon the past
Someday when dreams are a mere speck
Like faint stars up above
Darling, I want you to know
You’ll still be my true love

Someday when we have trod the miles
That now we dream of walking
These will be the tears and smiles
We’ll speak of as we’re rocking
I’ll admit, of ups and downs
We’ve borne our little shares
But we’ll forget life’s little frowns
From our rocking-chairs

Someday the future will be past
Complete with joy and sorrow
But true love holds our purpose fast
And keeps hope in tomorrow
And should the good Lord up above
Grant us those rocking chairs
You will still be my true love
And answer to my prayers


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