Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Duet

Its melody is intertwined
Deep in the heart of me
One part quietly resigned
As time’s swift hand I see
The other part is holding on
I will not let go yet
I’ll kiss the little freckled cheek
And brush the tousled head

The melody plays on and on
Beckoning me to dance
To its harmony I’m drawn
A mournful dissonance
Bringing a soft smile to my lips
A teardrop to my eye
As in its tune the minute slips
Into the by and by

It strikes each little purposed note
In somnolent discord
I help her find her boots, her coat
In songs without a word
The rising, falling harmony
Across the hours flowing
Life’s bitter-sweetest melody
…….watching my children growing


He paused in the doorway, shifting his back-pack.
“So, Mom, what are you going to do today?”
I told him……..
“Good-by mom, I love you”
He is growing up.
The old saying goes like this,
‘How a son treats his mother, he will treat his wife’
I’ve lived long enough to see the half-truth in those words.
Now I teach the child: God, without You it would be too hard for me.

How is it that our greatest joys can also be our deepest sadnesses?

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