Friday, May 22, 2020

Of Uncaged Consonants...

 This was going to be fun four-liner rhyme about words 
(after seeing a prompt 'rhyme a reason you like to write' on FB)
but it turned into something like a hungry leopard freed from its cage
...chasing a herd of antelope😊

 Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words...
 ...little show-stealer didn't want just his sister in the picture so he made a MAD dash for it
when he saw the camera and pulled this funny face to top it all off😂

The word 'cherish' has become my mind-set for moments...
Words draw us in to worlds apart
A painter’s tray for ink-swirled art
They dash and drip and splash and pour
Into pictures not seen before
Where from the quill as from a brush
They spill, a panoramic rush
To thrill the gallery of thought
With scenes of what is or is not
They surge and seep and laugh and weep
And fill a thousand hills with sheep
Or startle us with the faint roar
Of what once was and is no more

…where all that is began with Word
Timeless abyss by language stirred
Creating in the darkness, Light
Composing that first day and night
…for all we think about and see
Began with God’s Words, ‘let there be’
Then still-life shore and surging tide
Stood gloriously side by side
The bud swaddled the naked tree
God awed earth with His poetry
The manifold folds of a flow’r
The ink-well dell, the mountain’s tow’r

…but alas, soon Perfection’s bliss
As words of vile hatred gave voice
To mankind’s sacred law of choice
And thereby didst coldly deceive
With cunning words, Adam and Eve
Revealing with designing skill
How words work both for good and ill
Reminding us thus, words should be
Weighed well before we set them free
For who knows the full recompense
Of word’s infinite influence

Ah, what we write and what we say
…we all hold a grand painter’s tray
The colours that we choose to use
So varied in its hues and views
A stallion of cloven ink
Set free on fields of Feel and Think
To wreak havoc in human heart
To spill its ilk in sonant art
To cheer us on or crush us, oh
By a word-painted picture-show
For so much more is seen than heard
In the ripple-effect of Word

The lover of ink-woven things
Is never lonesome long; hope sings
In the courtyard of poetry
Knowing how much a word can be
If chosen carefully and then
Set free on yachts of acumen
A contagion of gross purport
Wafts in the wake of verbal sport
A smile, a kiss, a fist-a-cuff
Sometimes gentle and sometimes gruff
The matrix for a symphony
Melding bare fact with fantasy

…for we are creatures born to dream
And apt to get lost in a stream
Of stars felled while we stared a while
To where the air of words beguile
The one who seems drawn to the vaunt
Of what hides in unbridled font
Of ABC waiting to be
A storm upon an unformed sea
A diamond on the sand of time
A sparkle spilt in lilt and rhyme
Then snared to press upon a page
To preserve there from age to age

…for words always invite us in
To partake of love’s groan and grin
To touch the place where tears regale
The face when at last mere words fail
As we curl in the cozy nook
Between the covers of a book
And fantasize and empathize
In worlds cut down to whispered sighs
And make us feel, as feathers fall
We are not strangers after all
But, by the bond of word begin
To be like worldwide next of kin

© Janet Martin

 The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, 
and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, 
for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.
Luke 6:45


  1. This is so wonderfully heartfelt. Glad you joined in our challenge, but 'more glad' that you posted this heart-full of fabulous Uncaged Consonants. (Oh and that little-boy perfect face!)


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