Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Heart Is Tender In Its Youth...

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth,
 before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say,
 "I find no pleasure in them"--

 Our church-family is blessed with many young families and LOTS
of tender hearts so it is no small wonder that one dear mother got emotional as she extended an invitation for volunteers to help with these precious not-for-long-littles!
(Of course, then I got choked up too because it reminded me why I do what I do...
sometimes on exhausting days it's easy to forget!)

Smile!! I say to grand-sonny, and this is what I got😊😂

The heart is tender in its youth
Like mist-kissed earth in early morn
How easy to believe the truth
Before the way of want is worn
And torn between belief and doubt
As logic from the liar’s snare
Begins to tamper with the sprout
That took root in youth’s perfect prayer

The heart is wicked at its best
Soon, soon the nest must yield its brood
Soon innocence falls prey to test
And clarity is misconstrued
As virtue and vice vex the place
That in the green of life was sure
Before the enemy of grace
Attempted to invade and lure

The heart is always soft at first
But soon its nature is portrayed
Through seed whereby mankind is cursed
Since Eve and Adam disobeyed
But Jesus paid sin’s debt we owed
Since Eden’s grief; At Calvary
Where only a Perfect Lamb’s blood
Was fit to set the captive free

The heart is tender in its youth
Then pray we take the time to fill
Its precious chalice with the truth
That soon the world will try to kill
But pray by then Truth’s roots run deep
So when the Tempter tugs and tries
With wolves that masquerade as sheep
The heart will know God’s truth from lies

© Janet Martin


  1. Amen. Beautifully done. And that first photo is classic! -Jen

    1. :-0 isn't that pic hilarious! He and his baby sis are the light of our lives these days!!


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