Friday, August 23, 2019

End-of-August Arabesque

The sky is like a sapphire flask
The air is like fine wine
The hill, a place where dreamers bask
In August’s mulled sunshine

The purple aster steals our breath
Death dons a stunning veil
In wild-flower enchanted heath
And harvest’s stubble-braille

The garden strikes a tender chord
With gourds and spuds and corn
In melodies zealously stored
To wake some winter’s morn

The earth accepts its musky crown
Where sense of summer blurs
In apple orchards bending down
With autumn overtures

© Janet Martin


  1. Gorgeous photos (I especially love that second one), gorgeous verse!

    1. thank-you! It was one of those days that was wild with photo-ops no matter which way we looked!


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