Tuesday, August 13, 2019

August Listening Lessons

 Some snap-shots of August-song...

Oh, listen to cicada’s drone in noon-day’s wilting heat
And listen to the cricket’s multi-layered tweet-tweet-tweet
Or pause to hear the corn stalk guzzling dew from musky grail
Cherry tomatoes plopping from small fingers into pail
The scritch and scratch of sidewalk-chalked pictures from young-at-art
The pulsing propellers of hummingbird's hover-and-dart

Cherubic dove-like coo wafts on the banter of a breeze
Where we play peek-a-boo with Baby 'neath leaf-canopies  
The splash of silver diamonds lobbed where water-fountain sprays
The shriek of youngsters not yet robbed of childhood’s endless days
The buzz of bumbling bee tumbling from rose to hollyhock
The slap and lap of ripples where the lake tickles the dock

The sweep of golden grain field as it bends with harvest-hymn
The cheep of birdie as it flits from sighing limb to limb
The lusty crow that ha-ha-has from perch in lofty pine
The whisper of wind-pixies playing in the pole-bean vine
The joyous whoop of laughter when the fisher gets the fish
The laden line where laundry musters lazy, hazy swish

A cackling group of grackles catching up on latest ‘yack’
Then, feather-soft whooshed lift-off in a flutter-cloud of black
The combine as it whirs and purrs and belches dusty stars
The heat-wave crinkled highway’s swooshing ribbon made of cars
The oohing over goblets, paper-thin that turn to squash
The crooning afternoon that soon the tune of dusk will quash 

Oh, listen to the pitter-patter of bare feet and rain
The glad and easy chatter as we stroll down bloom-lined lane
Oh, listen to the songs of August minstrels as they race
Across keyboards of mallow, golden rod and Queen Ann’s lace
Oh, listen,;can you hear a subtle change of harmony
As What Is starts to hint at musicales Waiting To Be

© Janet Martin

So much music to enjoy in August!

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