Tuesday, November 7, 2017

With Gentle Kindness While We May...

 So many respectful words tonight as the world, esp. the baseball world, 
mourns the loss of Roy Halladay ('our' Toronto Bluejay for almost 12 of his 16 baseball-career years)

If today was our last day I wonder what would people say...

With gentle kindness while we may
Ah, what a way to live
Not keeping score or taking more
Than we are glad to give

With gentle kindness while we can
For who knows morrow’s ilk
Then we should keep the words we speak
As soft and smooth as silk

With gentle kindness, would that we
Make this our humble cheer  
For none can tell when death’s farewell
Will touch those we hold dear

With gentle kindness while we may
Time grants no guarantee
Then we should live each day as if
No other day might be

© Janet Martin

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