Monday, November 13, 2017


PAD Challenge day 13: For today’s prompt, pick a city and make that the title of your poem;
 then, write your poem. 
The poem doesn’t have to be about the city…but it can be.
You can pick a big city, small city, medium-sized city, city that exists today, city that existed in the past, city that only exists in fiction, city that you create.

Beneath still-life street-lights
Spread like a shawl of stars
Above the hustle-bustle
Of city buses and cars, and cars
She does not know
As she comes and goes, and goes
She holds a part
Of her mother’s heart of hearts

Beneath silver-studded dome
Where stars dangle intangible poems
Above the quiet swell
Where field, hill and dell
Cradle the timbre of home, sweet home
She knows there is a door
Ever slightly ajar, ajar
To welcome her home from afar, from afar

© Janet Martin

the line with 'like a shawl of stars' was inspired by and is credited to one of my Gr.1 Sunday School students. He described, as he looked out of the plane while flying home from Germany…the stars like a quilt!
Way to go, Joshua D. Can't wait to see where your pen will take you!


  1. What a sweet, hopeful poem. It is so welcoming!

    The thing I think of when I hear Toronto is the Toronto Blessing. Remember that? Now I will also think of this poem.

  2. ...I never heard of the Toronto Blessing before, so I googled it. very interesting! thank-you.


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