Saturday, November 18, 2017

Today The Artist Chooses Gray...

Yesterday grinned like a giddy November flower
 Today drips from heaven's eaves and strips gaze of its bower

It lolls, a listless lake in leafless limbs stripped of cajole
It drapes a shapeless cape across croft, coppice, creek and knoll

It hangs a hood on brooding woods and veils the face of day
A weightless, widespread weight agape in gray on gray on gray

It muffles manmade mayhem in a diadem of fog
The car we hear but cannot see, the neighbor’s barking dog

A velvet vroom gone viral, it obliterates the view
And makes the small man reckon he is smaller than he knew

The Artist of this Masterpiece mutes colors giddy-gay
He murmurs ‘it is good’ and moves his brush through welkin tray 

He, Whisperer of spheres metes more than meets man’s naked eyes
Today He chooses gray; plush hush shrouds Expectation’s prize

© Janet Martin

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