Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Toast to Week-moments...

  1. Write a days of the week poem. Pick one day or work through them all. Have the poem about the days or just name drop a day (or days) of the week in the poem.
  2. Write a days of the weak poem. See what I did there with the spelling of “week” to “weak?” The poem could be about weakness in another, yourself, or objects that are weak.
From moment-to-moment to minute-to-minute
to hour-to-hour to day-to-day
to week-to-week to month
-to-month to year-to-year
flicker and shimmer
and glimmer a-
minute to hour
to day to week to month
to year on year until with one
exhale the scale that measures moments-
minutes-hours-days-weeks-months-years disappears 

Janet Martin

I don't know how often I've said and will continue to say it...where do the weeks go?!
Has it really been a week since I was readying tea-cups etc. for my mom's birthday!?
are we a week into November already?!

A collage of a few moments in the first week of November 2017...

I'd like to make you quite a friend
And raise a toast to you, my dear
But here you come and there you go
You always wink and disappear

I went to tidy up...oh, caution
I found clothes that needed washin'
And while hanging them out to dry
I weedy garden caught my eye 
...and grass that needed mowing, oh
 a row that needed hoeing so
a child that needed holding
pile of towels that needed folding
then it was time for dinner
and the houseplants needed water
and the daughter needed mother
and we all needed each other 
and the dishes needed 'doing'
and the neighbor's cat some shooing
and the flowers, second-glances
and the hour, second dances 
where our chances are not numbered
nor our dances unencumbered
circumstances never worry
about weather, whether hurry
is an excuse or a reason 
wink-blink, ah, farewell Season

...I'd like to make you quite a friend
and raise a toast to you, my dear
But here you come and there you go
You always wink and disappear

Janet Martin

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