Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Thursday Thoughts on A Wednesday

Thursday Thoughts (little verses)
 started when I had Thursdays off...
Now they happen more or less where ever they land:)
The ladies were teasing me that my mind is likely composing a poem
as we conversed etc. this morning but it just does not work like that...

I often sit down, not planning on the words that come!
They often take a direction all their own
even when the hunger was for a poem of an entirely other nature.
All said, it was a fun, far too fast few hours!

In time we begin to appreciate Appreciation
Valuing the simple celebration
Of what is


As the years go by we learn to re-learn
How, what we thought we knew
Was a stepping-stone
To what we think we know
For now


It is not enough
To spout love-poems
Love is a second-mile language
Often in plain, sometimes painful


To know when to speak
And when to be quiet
Now, there is a woman!


It all goes by so fast
We should remember
Not to forget
To remember this


The will to be willing
Is a battle half-won
But the battle to be willing
Is never quite done


 We should give today all we can
No more
But no less


Let’s admit it
We should quit it
All this keeping score
*If we have each other
We have so much
To be thankful for

© Janet Martin

*This community is mourning the sudden loss of my niece's class-mate
whose dad is my nephew's gym teacher. 

with family-ties to this community!

Let's commit to cherishing each other with gentle kindness while we may!

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