Friday, November 10, 2017

Spending Habit Summary

Tonight's moment's ended our somewhat summer-like extension... we celebrated with a supper in the dining room with some extras, 
the whole family minus hubby plus some extra boys!
Sorry, I was going to take some dinner-photos but we were having such a nice time I forgot!:)

Can't wait to begin 'spending' tomorrow!! G'night

For all the moments spent
Where ardor's good intent
Passed through time’s flue then went
To where spent moments do
Heaven’s pendulum grants
Unspent and second chance
To love, laugh-learn and dance
Like we were going to

That gasp of hours exhaled
Filled with guesses unveiled
Waits now to be regaled
With present sentiment
Then we should keep in mind
That the Past is designed
With what we leave behind
When the unspent is spent

© Janet Martin

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