Monday, November 13, 2017


My dear, if I was young like you
I'd dare to be a dreamer too
I'd scale those heights of knight and crown
From which I had not yet slipped down
And I would think that I could be
My biggest, bravest fantasy
Unhindered by the clock that walks
Across a year in velvet socks
And steals the thread that weaves the dream
Into a world of what has been

Janet Martin


  1. "...the clock that walks
    Across a year in velvet socks" -- what an image! Wonderful, Janet.
    Keep on dreaming, no matter what :)

  2. Thank-you Sasha:) I'll try though it's harder than it used to be for some reason...

    1. I know the feeling. Maybe it's temporary, or rather, circular: from dreaming to not, and then back to dreaming again..?..

    2. oh, I HOPE so! I've heard about coming apart at the seams, but not coming apart at the dreams;-)I think maybe as we age our 'dreams' are a little more realistic and a little less lofty??

    3. oh...but then every so often I pinch myself and realize...I'm living the dream! more than I could ever have dreamed!!


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