Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Profound Pleasure (thank-you, Ancient Poets)

Rats!!! Why is it like this?! 
On not-planned to write-much days poems keep pummeling my brain...
Title inspired by those two words on this back cover...
I'm supposed to be cleaning, NOT reading;-)
but when words like 'profound pleasure' pop out one must surely explore...
actually, this book is no stranger to me:)
 It's one of my go-to's when I'm hungry for good poetry!

...the way you whisper through me, we of centuries apart
Where tick of clock mutes quick of pen beneath thought's breathless touch
Ah, I am no philosopher of life or love and such
 But panoramic-printed page can steal one's very heart

The way that you articulate the new in age-old script
Convinces me life's best things never change while most things do
How could you know, lifetimes ago, the throes poet's pass through
Unless these thing are not susceptible to Bygone's crypt

...and how could you, lifetimes ago, surmise a poem's span
Of words stirred in the dark of night that dared to face the day
Then bared to worlds you'd never meet on streets far, far away
Ah, this rouses profoundest pleasure in modern-day man meet on common ground thy verses centuries-immersed
The power of the printed word exceeding wildest dreams
Because Hope snared through half-shut eyes from visionary streams
A few small drops of ink to quench a far-off poet's thirst 

Janet Martin

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