Thursday, November 2, 2017

Of New Throughway

November PAD Challenge begins! For today’s prompt, write a new day poem.
okay, I wrote the above line yesterday but
 its New joined to age-old throngs, before I could get to the prompt!
So, a day later a new, New Today offers up its page of grace, 
 ...for some it will be a stage for celebration

...for others a page bearing tears of disappointment
(no words needed)

Ah, laid beneath delinquent feet
Yon sweep of star-deep pales until
Redemption’s carpet gilds the street
And tints colorless field and hill

We, bonded to the old turn to
The New Today that time deploys
Where time insists upon its due
And runs it through with sorrow-joys

Earth’s boulevard, starred with the tears
Of grief and laughter’s testament
Hinges to scads of yester-years
A sphere of unmarred filament

Ah, here and now offers a dance
On tides where heavens ebb and flow
And dark relents to grant new chance
To prove the gratitude we owe

© Janet Martin

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