Friday, November 10, 2017

Good-bye Forever...

I would love you longer
But time must have its say
It steals you from my grasp and turns you
Into yesterday

Sometimes I overlook you
In living’s to and fro
Until the hour took you, love
Where I can never go

Forgive my jolly folly
While you are sweet and kind
I, footloose, dance upon a path
We always leave behind

And on those bluer days, love
I start to realize
How often you have come to be
Life’s beautiful surprise

…and I would love your longer
But Time seems to deem fit
To always whisk you from my arms
After we dance a bit

Goodnight and fare thee well, love
We will not meet again
But thank-you for the sweet sorrow
That comes with parting’s pain

© Janet Martin

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