Thursday, November 2, 2017

Author Incognito

For today’s prompt, write a disguise poem.

You’re a willow-whisper
A cut to the quick
Soft as a feather
And hard as brick

You stun us with wonder
Though you never change
The methodic manner
Of all you estrange

You are a padlock
And a door ajar
The ethereal bedrock
Of right where we are

You trick us with kisses
And kick us with love
Where your rite dismisses
The flight you approve

With your formless fathoms
You press and relieve
For, from you, my darling
There is no reprieve

You take while you’re giving
And grant, breath by breath
A gift to the living
Its warranty, death

You are fancy’s fodder
Of poem and rhyme
Yet author all order
You are Father Time

© Janet Martin

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