Thursday, November 2, 2017

Cut Down To Size

Love lives given. 

Sometimes it is supper waiting
Because someone had to work late
Sometimes it is nothing more than
Fresh baked cookies on a plate
It might look quite dull and common;
Laundry after dark so you
Have clean 'undies' in the morning
And a sock (if you’re lucky, two)

It might be a poem, oh but,
You think that’s a waste of paper?!
Well, then it might be as simple
As getting back up to set the coffee-maker
Or a dash to grab the phone be
-fore the answering machine comes on
…even though you miss the part when
I try to tell you where I ran from

Oft it travels incognito
Many a kitchen-mile, oh my
While it tidies, scrubs, wipes, whispers
Prayers into soup, muffins, pie
While it learns to learn a lesson
That it thought was taught before
While it sleeps with one ear open
Until it has heard the door

While it works for nothing more than
Hearing full-fledged laughter ring
As they sit a little longer
Before heading out again
While it makes the most of moments
Lest in haste it wastes pure gold
It is quite a thing to reckon
With echoes felled from its hold

It is second cups of ‘listening’
Even when to-do lists bark
It is voiced in humble taking
Out the garbage after dark
It might look like mundane nothing
In a lot of people’s eyes
But I hope you know it, darling
It is love cut down to size

© Janet Martin

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