Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Simple Thank-you for Simple This...(and a prayer request)

 Thinking of my brother Dave today(see below) as I survey a mountain of 'mundaneness'
I can lift the laundry up to the clothesline without second thought or pain!

Thank God for the plainness of common mundaneness
The beauty of duty that puts us to work
It saves us from sorrow of trouble we borrow
When idle mind dawdle where demon-lords lurk

Thank God for the wealth of good health, strength and hunger
Driving us to toil with more purposed pursuit
Wild wolf at the door, love, moves us ‘cross the floor of
Plain planting and pruning before gripping fruit

Pity the lazy, lackadaisical dreamer
Weighed with wanton taunt and fat-cat attitude
Thank God for life’s labor and toil’s simple saber
It keens with kind favor, humble gratitude

Thank God for the glamor of swinging a hammer
And pray for those who dearly wish that they could
Thank God for the plainness of common mundaneness
And never forget... it is good, it is good

© Janet Martin

Please continue to pray for my brother Dave and Karen's encouragement. 
(click link for previous update posts)
Dave still has very limited use of his arms and shoulders and is then, unable to work...a true trial! 
They really appreciate continued prayer!

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