Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yours Forever

Forgive, shoulder, topples, shallows, bolt, broken, gathered, dancing, drop, burst, causes, feet, hoops.

My thoughts of you like shadow-hoops
Skim o’er the dancing shallows
I feel you warm against my mind
And cold against my shoulder

I gathered once, so tenderly
Your words easily spoken
Dreams topple in futility
As hearts lay sadly broken

To forgive you is easy, love
Forgetting seems unending
I cannot drop like work-worn gloves
The causes I’m defending

The door to you I cannot bolt
Or seal with firm endeavor
My feet may seek unbroken roads
My heart is yours forever

Janet Martin

Sunday Wordle


  1. WOW! Beautiful poem about love. I think they're really hard to write without sounding syrupy. You've done an amazing job!

  2. Marianne, Thank-you for your kind words.

  3. And they call me a romantic. You out wordled the wordle, turning it into something special.

  4. Thank-you Mike, I just wrote another depicting a bit of frustration over my lack of ability at being able to capture the full essence of a word!

  5. Wonderful illustration of the conflict we all undergo with loved ones from time to time. When the conflict is ongoing, the forgiving and forgetting is so much more difficult.

  6. Thank-you Traci, for your words of understanding.

  7. The first stanza grabbed me, Janet. I love the tension between warm mind/cold shoulder. The end rhymes and near end ryhmes work well in this piece, none are akward or forced. Excellent wordle contribution!

  8. Hi Brenda,
    Thank-you for visiting and for your words.


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